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Singer, songwriter and polyhedral artist, published by RaiTrade, Sonzogno and Kelidon, Lucina Lanzara has made 5 discs: Il canto del sole (2003), De Mare (2005) and VoXaS (2007) and Mons Regalis (2009 Sonzogno), Isòla (coming soon!).

Sound racket documenal "one years remander" by Michele Di Salle e Luca Papaleo, have been guest in many international documental festival, Berlin, Shanghai, Parigi, San Francisco.. Born in Rome, she lived for years in Genova where she studied vocal technique integrated with the body with the Norwegian Kjerstin Engoe Pronzato and, currently, with Mary Setriakin, a vocal coach for Broadway and Hollywood casts. She also studies with Henry Farge, previously conductor of Nantes Opéra. Also with Gabriella Costa, Liliana Tedesco, BOb Stoloff, Amelia Cuni (indian singing DRUPAD) . In 1998 she met Teddy Reno, who encouraged her to continue as a composer. Radio RaiUno has described her voice as one of rare poetic and expressive capacities; her opera  Mons Regalis on 2009 closed the 52' International Week of Sacred and Spiritual Musics in Duomo di Monreale; she has appeared with works of her own at Festivals such as: Teatro Biondo of Palermo, Teatro Impero of Marsala, Teatro Vittorio Emanuele of Messina; Orestiadi of Gibellina, Teatro Antico of Tindari, Teatro Antico of Segesta, Castelbuono Jazz Festival, Lithos, Sanremo Tenda della Pace, Kalsart, Monastery of Carnaldoli, Sestriere Casa Olimpia. Her music has been broadcast by international radio stations. She has written Canto e Racconto De André, a re-examination in a Mediterranean key of the life and works of FDA. Discography: Il Canto del Sole, Rai Trade 2004 (sold out), De Mare, Rai Trade 2005, VoXoS, Nota Preziosa 2007/2008; Live in Kalsart, Egea Records. Lucina Lanzara sings in Tango Lento by Paolo Damiani, PA 2005, Kalsart Marèe, Lucina Lanzara with Un raggio sulla stiva, 2005; Umberto Canino, EMI, choruses for Umberto Canino, 1999. She worked with Julie Kench (from Swingle Singers), Paolo Damiani (Casa del Jazz director); Stefano D'Anna sax; Carlo Muratori; I SeiOttavi; Francesco Guaiana, Francesco Buzzurro, others.